Who is Maryam Hagi?


Hi, I’m Maryam Hagi.

You are probably here because you want to build a successful online business and live a life on your own terms. There are many opportunities online and many training programmes on how to setup your own business and gain financial freedom. This is something that I was also looking for.

I joint the The Six Figure Mentors in June 2018. Why did I join this business specifically? I will give you some background about myself. So my name is Maryam Hagi Mahamud. I am originally from Somalia and I am born in The Netherlands on the 10th November 1993 in a town called Wageningen. I moved to the UK in the year 2000. I started school in year 2 and I could barely speak English. I loved reading books as a kid and I worked very hard in school. I graduated from university with an English degree in 2015. I was fresh out of university and I was ready to apply for a teacher training because I was keen on sharing my subject knowledge with students. Did I get accepted into teacher training that year you might be thinking? The simple answer is no. The interviews where very competitive and it didn’t help that am very shy in interviews,

Anyway, after applying for years, yes years., I was finally accepted into teacher training in 2017. I was so happy! Before applying for teacher training, I read many stories online of people who failed their teacher training unfairly. I didn’t think that I would also be failed from teacher training. I was told that I sent a teacher the wrong lesson,  I was surprised and upset so I obviously asked the teacher to clarify. I was told that I was being unprofessional in the way I asked for an explanation. So I was told that I failed my teacher training due to unprofessionalism. Can you imagine this? I was baffled.

Ok, so why is you story relevant Maryam you might be thinking? Well, there are many stories of people being laid off in the cooperate world. Was it their fault? This is the sad reality. Well, while I was doing my teacher training, there were many days when I would force myself out of bed as I wasn’t feeling well. The days I was ill were counted. Basically it is frowned upon to have frequent sick days in this world. I thought to myself, I need to find a job where I can work from home and where I can be my own boss! I didn’t know where to look. i just knew that I loved the idea of having my own business!

So after I found myself at home, I began working as a private tutor and a freelance interpreter for the NHS again. I began watching videos on YouTube about motivation and productivity. I had to change my mind-set. I had to focus and reinvent myself and not let me past “failures” define me. I had to get back up and strive to succeed again. I had to make sure that I was feeling positive and energised as mindset really is everything.

I came across an advertisement on YouTube and this is how I discovered SFM. I believe I was watching a TEDx Talk video and I will be honest, I am one of those people who are eagerly awaiting for the chance to skip the advertisements. This day, I think I was preoccupied so I didn’t have that chance. So, I found myself listening to the advertisement and without fail, I was on the SFM website. I watched my free videos. I don’t think that I quite completed them all as I was so excited that I signed up for module 1.

So what is SFM. I will be real with you. There are many online businesses that promise that you will be successful. There are many get rich quick schemes. With SFM, the modules will teach you about marketing. You will be learning and you have the potential to earn as well. You need to be able to invest time and money into this business. It’s not as simple as leaving your 9-5 job and becoming financially independent in a matter of weeks. It requires hard work and that is important in any business.

If you want to be able to live a laptop lifestyle, have the potential to make a good income and be your own boss, you might want to checkout the free videos. I am not promising that you will be guaranteed success but it is worth a try right? We can definitely agree that this world is becoming more digital. Therefore, it is a good idea to get ahead of the game and build your online business!