3 Reasons you Should Start Thinking about an Online Business after Graduating from University  


Let me guess. You have recently graduated from university and you are finding it quite difficult to find a job. Perhaps you have been to many interviews but you have not been successful yet. Perhaps you have found a job but you are not completely satisfied with it. Maybe the job is not specifically a graduate job that is based on your degree or perhaps you have not found fulfilment in what job you are doing. It might be that you are indeed satisfied with your current job but you are just curious about this topic. If so, you are indeed in the correct place!

1) The world is becoming more digital

Image pf many different technologies such as a laptop and mobile phone
The world is becoming more digital.

The first reason I believe that you should start thinking about an online business after graduating from university is that there is a lot of opportunity with the online market. OK, so what do I mean by this? Our world is becoming more and more digital right? This has its positives and negatives. On one hand, the world becoming more digital can lead to some people’s jobs getting hijacked by robots!  Can you imagine? This sounds so ridiculous right? You might be thinking these questions in your head right now: ‘how can this be?’ ‘Is this for real?’ or ‘are you joking?’ I must admit, unfortunately the simple answer to all those questions is a sad ‘no’.


Ok, so you might be thinking, what can I do now? Since more of us will probably be replaced by robots in the future, we need another avenue to earn a living right? We agree that the world is becoming more digital. That is some food for thought.

2) You can be your own boss!

Image of a person- showing freedom and being surrounded by nature
A laptop lifestyle can provide you with more free-time so you can live life on your own terms

The second reason I believe that you should start thinking about an online business after graduating from university is that when working online, you are your own boss and you will therefore be able to set your own time and place to work from. I think that you would agree that working from 9-5 is not exactly ideal if you want a life of freedom. If you want to live a life with more freedom, life will need to be more relaxing and you will have time to do the things that you enjoy. Just thinking about having financial freedom and free-time is so refreshing right?

3) You can make an income as an affiliate marketer

Photo of a camera and a beautiful landscape- landscape photography
You can turn your passion into a business!

The third reason I believe that you should start thinking about an online business after graduating from university is to consider the possibilities of making an income. Let’s imagine (this can be the absolute truth actually) that you are very knowledgeable in landscape photography. You are great at taking photos! You enjoy going on holidays and taking beautiful photos of landscapes. Affiliate marketing is where you can promote other people’s or company’s product such as Amazon and you will be able to earn a commission. You can signup as an affiliate on Amazon and the process is quite simple. To give you an example of affiliate marketing, let’s say you have a know-how on the latest cannon cameras. You can advertise the camera that is on Amazon on your website. The readers on your website will read for example your article on how amazing a certain camera is and how you managed to take all of these wonderful photos. You will be able to earn commissions (income from the sales) once someone uses your affiliate link to purchase the camera you advertised. How awesome does this sound?

So, when are you going to start your online business?

So, there you go. I hope that this has been a good read and that it has given you a little insight into online marketing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post!

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